BricksWest™ 2002 Animation Festival and Competition

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What follows is an outline of the rules and regulations regarding submission of entries into the BricksWest 2002 Animation Festival and Competition, to aid filmmakers in preparing their submissions.Please see the Rules link above for the official rules and the Entry Form link for the official entry form.

In an effort to encourage LEGO® Fans to develop their ideas in the field of computer animation and stop-motion animation, BricksWest is creating the BricksWest Animation Festival. The animation festival is a competition among cinematic entries for which there are two separate divisions to this competition, Stop-Motion Animation and Computer-Generated Animation.

Stop Motion Animation
The first division, Stop-Motion Animation, uses the LEGO® System products including bricks, mini-figs, and special elements with the techniques of stop-motion animation to create an "original" cinematic production. The creator of this work is allowed to use either the LEGO® Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Set or any software and hardware combination at their disposal to produce the stop-motion cinematic art. There is no limit on the quantity or the type of LEGO® System set produced by the LEGO® Company.

Computer Generated Animation
The second division of animation, Computer-generated animation in which the physical image of LEGO® element such as a mini-fig is not video taped but is instead created using computer hardware and software. This will allow participants with a limited supply of LEGO® bricks and elements to participate in another form of the cinematic arts. Individuals participating in this division may use any software and hardware available to them to create 3D or 2D representations of LEGO® System pieces and elements to create an "original" cinematic production.

The LEGO® Group of companies is not responsible for judging or rewarding any of the animations submitted to this festival. The BricksWest Animation Festival organizers and the BricksWest organizers will be soliciting, handling, judging, and managing the competition known as the BricksWest Animation Festival and are solely responsible for its outcome.

What to do next!
Read through the Rules and the Frequently Asked Questions. Familiarize yourself with the criteria for the contest and get started. Return here often for news and updates about the competition. Do not rely on other sources for information. This is the official web site and therefore this is the official word. If you have questions, contact Todd Thuma, BricksWest Animation Fesitval organizer, ( and he will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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