BricksWest™ 2002
Animation Festival and Competition
Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes! Since this is the first year of the animation competition and we are unable to estimate the number of entries that will be submitted, we are allowing entrants to submit any number of animations. In the future the animation competition may limit the number of submissions per person.

Do I have to use the equipment and software sold as part of set #1349, the LEGO® Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Set?
No! While this is a wonderful set that has certainly started everyone's creative ideas flowing, the software and camera is somewhat limiting. In an effort to raise the production levels as high as possible, we will allow you to use any software or equipment available to you.

What awards will be given?
There are two categories and two divisions of awards for each category. The categories are Stop-Motion Animation and Computer-Generated Animation. The divisions are Conference Attendee Choice Awards (ChAChA: pronounced "cha-cha") and Conference Organizers Awards (ChO: pronounced "cho"). The organizers of the conference (BricksWest) will select one winner from each category, and the conference attendees will select one will from each category.

The Awards to be given have yet to be determined, but it will most likely be a LEGO set and/or some stuff from the convention that you cannot get without winning a category or competition. We are even contemplating hosting your video for one year, but the details are not yet worked out. Also, you will have bragging rights forever that you won the 2002 BricksWest Animation Festival. Pretty Cool!

Why aren't the awards better?
What are you talking about?!?! The Awards will be awesome! Something everyone will want! I mean, afterall, you pay nothing to enter and the conference registration (if you attend) will be a minimal expense. Basically your only expenese is the cost of sending you animation entries to the BricksWest Animation Festival Committee. Hopefully, we can even find a sponsor or two that will offer up a couple copies of their software or hardware.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of time for the animation?
The video may last as short as 30 seconds or as long as 300 seconds (or 5 minutes). Animations longer than 300 seconds will be dropped from inclusion in the fesitival competition. Animations shorter than 30 seconds may be included if time and space at the BricksWest Animation Festival permits.

What format must I submit the animation?
We encourage you to submit the animation on VHS (NTSC). This will allow the organizers the simplest means of organizing and coordinating all of the entries. However, we realize that this may pose a significant technical or equipment issue with some, so we are allowing the animation to be submitted in any of the formats below:

Super VHS

Your animation regardless of format will be transferred onto VHS (where possible) for public presentation of your animation. It is also the organizers intention to convert all videos to Quicktime format to have available on a computer, running in a common area, during the convening days of the convention. Notice: The video tapes and the computer files will not be made available to participants at the end of the convention, so don't go thinking that you will have a free transcription service available to you. One organizer is doing this to enhance the convention participants experience, and there is no way to manage the needs of the many to convert these files from one format to another.

Are there age groups for the competition?
Since this is the first year for the competition and the number of submissions is unknown we are going to leave the competition open. If the volume of entries is high, then the BricksWest Animation Festival organizers may be forced to split entrants into age categories. This will be done to be certain the competition is being fair to all age levels, but only if a large number of entries in each category requires it.

What is the deadline for entries?
The deadline for entries is January 31, 2002. All entries received that are postmarked after this date will be considered late and will be returned without consideration. In fact, the envelops will be unopened and marked "Return-To-Sender."

Will my entry or entries be returned to me?
Returning entries require an expense on the part of the BricksWest Animation Festival organizers. If you are willing to bare this cost then the BricksWest Animation Festival organizers will not have a problem returning your entries to you. In order to bare this financial burden you must send you entries in a returnable, self-addressed package. For example, if you use the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, you must include a label with your return address and postage for the return package of the U.S. Postal Service Priority mail. Since the boxes and mailers are free you do not need to ship the return Mailer or box.

If you use standard postage rates such as first class and include your entry in a bubble wrap mailer, then you must include a second, self-addressed bubble wrap mailer in the original mailer with the postage included in order for the festival organizers to return your entry. If you do not include a return mailer and/or postage, then the entry or entries cannot be returned to you.

Any entry received "Postage Due" will be returned immediately. Any entry received that requires additional surcharges to be paid by the recipient will be returned immediately. Any entry received by the festival organizers that incurs any charges or fees whatsoever, the payment of those fees will be required of the owner of the entry and their property will be held until payment is received.

Do I need to send each entry separately through the mail?
No, the BricksWest Animation Festival organizers will receive multiple entries in the same package. Please be certain to clearly indicate on each entry the required information, and attach this information separately to each entry so as to be certain the information does not separate from the entry during shipping. For example, a rubber band may separate from around a video tape that is holding a typed information sheet and entry form to the video tape. Better would be to type the information required on an adhesive label and affix it to the video tape and the video tape box/container.

If you sumbit your entry on an optical disc (CD-Rom or DVD), make certain that the optical disc contains information on it that will link it to an entry form. DO NOT affix a label to an optical disc that covers only a portion of the label side of an optical disc. The reason for this is simple. A small label of square, rectangular, or other shape will serve to unbalance a CD-Rom or DVD while it is spinning in your drive. This is the same reason you have your tires on your car periodically balanced. With an unbalanced CD-Rom in a CD Drive, the information on the optical track cannot be read consistently and will result in failure of the information (your animation) from being displayed properly. Sometimes it will completely make the CD unreadable. If your concerned about any label, then write on the label side with a permanent marker as much information as possible to distiguish you CD-Rom from another entry.

The festival organizers sincerely wish to avoid mixing the entries amongst the entrants, and to do this, the entrant must take responsibility for being certain their entry is permanently and clearly marked.

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