BricksWest™ 2002 Animation Festival and Competition
Official Rules

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BricksWest 2002 Animation Festival and Competition Official Rules
The BricksWest Animation Festival was created to showcase the hard work of LEGO fans in computer generated and stop motion animation. The competition side of the festival was created in order to reward LEGO fans for their time, effort and creativity. It is hoped that the BricksWest Animation Festival will exemplify the best practices of animation and juried competition film festivals and will showcase some of the best examples of what people can do with a little imagination and a few LEGO Bricks.

The BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition is open to anyone of any age and gender. The competition has been divided into two divisions to separate two different styles of animation; stop-motion animation and computer-generated animation. To learn more about the rules for entering the competition read the accompanying materials in this packet, follow the rules for submitting an entry, and submit the entry form with your animation to the address provided. Failure to follow the rules described in this packet will result in your entry not being considered in the competition.

Stop-Motion Animation Division
The Stop-Motion Animation Division is for entries developed using stop-motion filming techniques to produce an animated film. Inspired by the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Set, this division rewards individuals who use LEGO System products including bricks, mini-figs, and special elements to make animated films. Animated films do not need to be made exclusively or in part with the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Set. Any film or video equipment, computer aided or not, may be used to make your animated film. Computer software may also be used to add special effects, to edit, or to record the individual frames captured by a camera, but computer software is not required.

This division requires the use of LEGO System products. Other toys manufactured by companies other than LEGO may be used, but their use should be minimal and related to the story line depicted in the animation. Any animation entries extensively using products other than LEGO System products or products that do not support the story line will be considered in violation of the competition rules and disqualified from the competition. It will be up to the Animation Festival Committee and the BricksWest Organizers to determine what violates the rules in this regard.

Camera pans, dollies, and zooms are entirely appropriate filming techniques for inclusion in the Stop-Motion Animation Division. In fact, entire sequences of film or video maybe used in which there was no movement of either the LEGO System products (minifigs and bricks in front of the camera) or the camera itself. Ideally though your animation will include at least one sequence of stop-motion animation to qualify for this division. Should your animation only include stills of LEGO Minifigs with faces and moving mouths painted on digitally, then your animation best fits the next division; computer-generated animation.

Computer-Generated Animation Division
The Computer-Generated Animation Division was created for several reasons. There is a growing increase in the availability and creation of animations using computer generated 3D worlds where actual pieces are not used. Another motive is to allow those interested in animation yet not possessing large collections of LEGO Pieces to produce creative projects based upon LEGO Products. LEGO Products may be filmed and altered using computer-generated imagery and animation to produce a finished animated film. Ideally, a large portion of your animation will use computer-generated scenes, effects, and characters to tell your chosen story.

There is no required software or hardware for this category. Individuals may use professional 3D modeling software or consumer level 3D software.

General Rules for Both Divisions
All entries must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2002. A package with a February 1, 2002 postmark will be returned to the sender unopened. Use the appropriate mail delivery choice in order for all entries to be received prior to February 12, 2002. Any package received after this date will not be able to entered into the competition.

You may submit more than one entry in a Division and you may submit entries in both Divisions.
A separate and completed entry form must accompany each entry. No exceptions! If you submit 4 animations for competition you must include 4 entry forms with every required field completed.
All animations submitted for competition must be at least 10 seconds long and no longer than 300 seconds long (5 minutes).

All entries must be submitted in one of the following ways:
Tape (NTSC Only):
CD-Rom (optical disc):
MPEG formatted file
Quicktime (MOV) formatted file
AVI formatted file
Contact the Animation Chair for other options (see contact info)

All entries must be labeled in the following manner:
Name or Names of animators
Title of Animation

Your presence is not required at the BricksWest Animation Festival in order to compete or win an award for your entry. If you are not present your award will be sent to you in the mail.

All animations submitted for judging must be appropriate for general audiences, persons of all ages, and should not contain explicit violence, explicit sexual content, or explicit language inappropriate for children.

All entries submitted must not have won awards from other animation festivals or competitions. Any entries submitted to other animation festivals and competitions that have not won awards are eligible for entry into the BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition.

Entries need not be original creations for the BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition. Any animation placed on a web site prior to January 31, 2002 or created and released in any means for public viewing is acceptable for entry into the competition. The only caveat to this is any animation that has won an award under the conditions stipulated in Rule #9 is not eligible for consideration of an award at the BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition.

All entries must be an "original" cinematic production according to the terms spelled out in the section "Originality" below. Any entry that clearly violates these terms will not be considered for the competition. It is important to respect the rights of the author or owner of an original work and it is assumed by this committee that you, as an animator, would like your work protected under these same rights.

There will be two awards given in each category. The first award is the Conference Attendee Choice Awards, abbreviated ChaCha Award, and will be determined by those in attendance at the BricksWest Conference. There will be a station or multiple stations set up around the conference where conference attendees will view the animations. They will vote for their favorite in each division on an award form and submit it to the Animation Festival Committee. The votes will be tabulated and the entry receiving the most votes in each division will win an award.

The second category for the awards is the Conference Organizers Award, abbreviated Cho Award, and this winner in each division will be decided among the conference organizers. In this case a majority vote will be all that is needed to determine the best animation in each category.

In this the first year of the BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition it might be possible to win both awards in a division. This practice and other rules will be discussed among the BricksWest Conference Organizers and the Animation Festival Committee following the completion of the competition. Future animation festivals might follow a different practice from this policy.

The term "original" cinematic production has been applied to both divisions of the competition and requires defining with regards to this BricksWest Animation Festival and the competition aspects of the festival. Original can be defined as new or fresh ideas or products that are the source from which others copy or reproduce. It is the opinion of the BricksWest Animation Festival Committee that a scene from a film or television program done with LEGO mini-figs in a LEGO set constitutes a level of originality. Others, however, may tend to disagree with the BricksWest Animation Festival Committee from a strict and limited legal interpretation of the law. Since the BricksWest Animation Festival organizers are accepting no financial reimbursement for their participation, there is no entrance fee for the BricksWest Animation Festival submissions, and there is no financial reward associated with winning the competition, the organizers feel confident that there is little to no reason that the holders of the copyright for those original works of cinematic art would be interested in this animation festival or the animators themselves for violating their rights. We, the organizers feel that works which in part borrow from the original work of cinematic art would constitute a work under the law as a parody if in fact the work parodies the original cinematic art.

An exact or entire reproduction of a film or television program using audio and visuals taken from the original motion picture or television program and using LEGO System elements and pieces would, however, constitute an infringement upon the copyright holder of the original work of cinematic art, and it will not be allowed to participate in this competition. While this leaves a lot of wiggle room and is up to the interpretation of the BricksWest Animation Festival Committee and the BricksWest Conferece Organizers, we feel confident that it will be clear to us when an animation crosses the boundary and begins to infringe upon the rights of the original work of art. If you wish to parody an original cinematic production, be clear about it in your treatment and development of your animation. Please DO NOT leave it to others to decide whether it does or does not parody the original work.

Returnable Entries?
Normally animation festivals do not return your entry to you in the mail. The BricksWest Animation Festival provides a service for returning your entry in the mail provided that you do three things. First you must submit an entry to the Animation Festival Committee. We are sorry to say that we will not be able to return an entry to you that you never submitted to us in the first place.

Second, you must include a self-addressed return label that can be affixed to the original packaging that your entry was sent in. The Animation Festival Committeeís plan is to place your entry back in the original packaging, re-seal the package, affix your return label, and send the whole thing back to you. If you use a mailer, a soft envelope style package from a shipping/delivery company that requires its destruction upon opening, then you must send a mailer in the original package. Ideally you will have the return address already filled in and complete.

The third step you must take is to pay the return postage. You can pre-pay the postage for the return envelope and insert that with your entry into the original package. For those with boxes, you might have to purchase stamps for the return postage or get creative and place brown paper over the return address and postage and place the send to information and postage on top of the brown paper cover. Either way if you do not include the cost of getting your entry back to you, you will never see it again. Sorry, but the Animation Festival Committee has no means of paying for your entry to be returned to you.

LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies that does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the BricksWest Animation Festival. The LEGO Group of companies is not responsible for judging or rewarding any of the animations submitted to this festival. The BricksWest Animation Festival organizers and the BricksWest organizers will be soliciting, handling, judging, and managing the competition known as the BricksWest Animation Festival and are solely responsible for its outcome.

The BricksWest Animation Festival Committee assumes no ownership or distribution rights over any entry submitted to the competition, without written distribution agreements being made with each individual filmmaker. All entries not returned under the conditions described in the "Returnable Entries?" Section will be destroyed no later than one year after receipt of the entries. The BricksWest Animation Festival Committee and BricksWest Organizers will make no attempt to distribute the entries without the expressed written consent of the copyright owners.

The Bad Things
There are many bad things that could happen to you in your efforts to submit an entry. First, the BricksWest Animation Festival cannot be responsible for the postal service's failure in handling and delivering your entry or entries. If we do not receive your entry or the entry arrives late, then your entry will not be considered for the competition. If your entry is received late, we will return the package to you immediately by using the postal serviceís provision of ìreturn-to-senderî any package that is unsolicited. We will consider any package received after the postmark deadline of January 31, 2002 as unsolicited.

Submitting an entry in the wrong video or television standard, for example PAL or SECAM instead of the required NTSC, will result in the Animation Festival Committeeís inability to view your entry and therefore an inability to judge it for competition. Sorry, but the committee does not have access to equipment using the European or Australian standards.

Leaving your entry medium unlabeled will result in the committee's inability to discern what entry belongs with what entry form. This breakdown could lead us to judge an animation to which we do not know to whom it belongs. To prevent this situation we will simply not judge any entry that is not labeled. The entry must be labeled on the medium that it is being submitted on. For example, if your submitting a VHS tape, NTSC formatted, simply stick a label on the outside with the information outlined in the rules. The same can be done for optical discs, but be certain to label the opposite side from where the digital information has been encoded.

Finally, since these videos will be seen by persons of all ages, the content must be appropriate. Any explicit violence or explicit sexual content or explicit verbal language will not be displayed at the public viewing opportunities and the awards presentation. Any entry deemed inappropriate for a general audience comprised of persons of all ages, will not be available for the Audience Award.

Contact Information
You may contact the Animation Festival Committee by any of the means listed below. However, each entry must be mailed to the address below. Email submissions of animation entries cannot be accepted.


Phone: 706-202-9226

Address: 100-3 Viking Court, Athens, GA 30605

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