February 16-18, 2002-Carlsbad, California

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for BricksWest™ 2002, the West Coast LEGO® event!

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Even More New Sessions Added; Others Updated - NEW
January 28, 2002 - This update, we add a brand new Gaming Roundtable, featuring panelists Frank Filz, Mike Rayhawk, Derek Schin, and special guest Steve Jackson. Another new session added is Designing and Selling Custom Model Kits presented by Daniel Siskind (Brickmania, Guild of Bricksmiths™). Also, we are adding an LDraw based animation tutorial session presented by Ahui Herrera, and have updated information on our Mindstorms sessions as presented by David Schilling. Click the Schedule link above to see what's in store for you at BricksWest 2002!

BricksWest Schedule Updated, New Session Added
January 11, 2002 - Chalk up another awesome session for BricksWest, as Eric Harshbarger and Henry Lim present Large Sculptures and Mosaics, a tips and tricks session for fans of lifesize models and mosaics. Also the schedule has been refined a bit to reflect some requested and required changes. To view the updated schedule, just click the Schedule link above.

Announcing The Official Call For Entries For The BricksWest 2002 Animation Festival And Competition
January 9, 2002 - It's official...the call for entries has gone out...how will you respond? Will it be a 20 seond comedy skit, or a 5 minute sci-fi extravaganza? In the world of animation, it's all up to you. Prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding examples of LEGO animation, so check out the Animation Festival link above for the full scoop.

New Events Added To BricksWest Schedule
January 9, 2002 - We have added several new sessions to the BricksWest schedule of events today. As the big weekend draws nearer, many AFOL have generously volunteered to run different event modules for your edification and enjoyment. New sessions include aLEGO Mindstorms presentation and challenge competition, a microfig scale presentation and building session, a presentation by a LEGO Master Builder and more. To see the updated schedule, please click the Schedule link above.

BricksWest 2002 Registration Re-Opens
January 1, 2002 - Registration for BricksWest is now re-open, with a new pricing scheme to help placate those attendees who are only joining us for limited days or events. Registration for attendees paying full registration or those purchasing the Goodies Only or Luau Only packages seperately will close FEBRUARY 1, 2002 (to allow time to prepare conference materials). Registration for attendees paying Conference Only rates (1, 2 or 3 days) will remain open through the event dates, and may even be paid at the door. Click the Registration link above to register today...and thank you for your patience and cooperation.

BricksWest 2002 Registration Opens
Today, December 1, 2001, the organizing comittee is happy to open registration for BricksWest 2002. Click the Registration link above to register today. We have so many special things planned for this inaugural year...please, visit our other event links above to explore all that we have in store for you!

Arrr, mateys! Thar' be Evil Stevie!
Pirate Game fans rejoice! One of our very special guests at BricksWest 2002 will be none other than Steve Jackson, President and Editor-in-Chief of Steve Jackson Games. Steve will be running his famous pirate themed floor game during BricksWest, and we may even belay him into giving an intimate talk or two during our conference sessions. If you are a fan of LEGO pirates or castle themes, this is truly an event not to be missed! See the Special Events link above for further information...or ye' may have ta' walk tha' plank!

BricksWest 2002 Web Site Updated
December 1, 2001...you'll find much new information added to the BricksWest web site today. See updates in the Registration, Schedule, Special Events and Venue links, as well as all new information in the Sponsors, Travel and Press links.

Exclusive Venue And Lodging Arrangements Secured
In very exciting news, the organizers have secured The Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel as the official venue and lodging of BricksWest 2002. This hotel is the closest hotel to LEGOLAND California (right across the parking lot...a 5 minute walk), and the nicest hotel in the area. By special arrangement, BricksWest attendees will receive at least 25% off the normal room rates during the event, and the more BricksWest folks that stay at the hotel, the lower your nightly room fee will be. You will want to join us in the hotel for ease of attendance to games and conference sessions, early, late and after-hours activities, and the breakout social gatherings which always happen at events like this. More information will be available soon via our "Venue" link at the top of this page.

Official Dates Announced For BricksWest 2002
President's Day Weekend, February 16 - 18, 2002, has been chosen as official dates for BricksWest 2002. Situated one and a half months after the winter holidays, two days after Valentines Day, and six months away from WAMALUG's BrickFest™ on the East Coast, this weekend should be perfect for our gathering of LEGO fans. Be sure to see our "Schedule" link at the top of this page (available soon) for information on event module dates and times.

BricksWest Features Exclusive Events At LEGOLAND California
BricksWest 2002 will feature several events at LEGOLAND California. Currently in the planning stages is an exclusive half-day excursion into LEGOLAND, with full access to all rides, games and spectacular shopping, followed by a semi-formal, fully catered dinner in MiniLand. Other possible events being discussed include behind-the-scenes tours of the LEGO Model Shop with a LEGO Model Designer, and the formal premiere screening of the entries in the BricksWest Animation Festival and Competition in the LEGOLAND Pavillion. (All events are subject to change)

Announcing BricksWest 2002, And The Launch Of The Official BricksWest Web Site
Today, October 14, 2001, the volunteer comittee of organizers is proud to officially announce BricksWest 2002, the West Coast LEGO event. Designed for the Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL), families, and children of all ages, BricksWest will be the premiere West Coast gathering for fans of the brick. Look for more news and updates here as we continue to develop this exciting event!.

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