LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California is the place that brings out the hero in everyone. There is so much to see and do in LEGOLAND California, and heroes are always wanted. There’s something for the whole family with over 50 different super rides, shows and attractions. Everyone will have the chance to show their mettle in situations that require bravery, camaraderie, quick thinking and hootzpah. You’ll have your choice of a myriad of themed areas such as The Land of Adventure, The Beginning, Dino Island, EXPLORE Village, Fun Town, Pirate Shores, Castle Hill, Miniland USA, and the Imagination Zone. Hit all of them or try and exhaust one – either way you have a winning combination of strategies for enjoying LEGOLAND California, whether you’re staying for one day or for a week. You won’t soon forget all of the fun you had, and making memories, having fun and learning stuff is what LEGO has been all about all these years. You’ll want to get the most out of everything LEGOLAND has to offer. The following are a few highlights to help you pick and choose a schedule and park itinerary that is sure to please everyone.

Land of Adventure
The four new attractions that make up our latest addition to the park are sure to lure you into an adventure of a lifetime. Every member of your family is bound to feel those urges that make discovery so palpable and thrilling. You’ll all get the chance to journey through the Indiana Jones’ style ruins in search of treasure. Beware of territorial tribes and ruthless antiquities hunters who will stop at nothing to keep you from the hidden treasure. Competition is always the name of the game and you can’t bank on trusting anyone but who you can trust.

Fun Town
Fun Town rivals Funky Town in fun, and even the promise of a stroll down Electric Avenue doesn’t cut the mustard with all that Fun Town has to offer. Fun Town is just the right size for your little girls and boys. They’ll have so much fun living out the dream of having grown up and having everything within reach. Parents can feel bigger than life, but watch out for those blows below the belt. When things are scaled down to pint size, you never can tell what is going to pose a threat for the nether regions.

Pirate Shores
Pirate Shores will have you shivering your timbers as landlubbers and scallywags alike descend upon you to abscond with your doubloons and make your purse light. Get ready to swashbuckle your way through a number of water attractions Errol Flynn-style. Buccaneers of all ages will swoon over the treasure trove of treats yet to be discovered after many of the day’s adventures on the high seas.

Each themed area of LEGOLAND California has its own unique vibe. Take the time to explore each one to your heart’s content and the memories are sure to last and last and last while the despair is held off at arm’s length for yet another day. Laugh and hoot away at the thrills, the chills and the minimum wage minions who haunt the park every summer. After a long day of inducing super fun happiness, you can kick back and browse all of the souvenir pictures and watch all the souvenir videos that you were price gouged over and felt obligated to purchase because really no moment can be too precious.

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