Open Sessions
We still have several unassigned sessions available. If you would be interested in volunteering to run an event module during BricksWest, please contact the organizing comittee via the Contact link above.

Event Descriptions
Following are descriptions of the BricksWest event modules that have been confirmed. Modules marked tentative on the schedule will not have a description until confirmed.

Large Sculptures and Mosaics: -
A tips and tricks session for fans of lifesize models and mosaics.

Moving on from NQC and Making Robots Interact With the Real World: -
Outline: Part 1: Moving on from NQC; Results from a "Code-Only" robot contest; PbForth and legOS; My experience in getting started with legOS - Part 2: Problems with Real World Interaction; This isn't the digital world; Sensor noise; Unreliability everywhere; How easy it is to get into a tough spot; Examples from my own experience.

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Challenge: -
Four teams of 3 to 6 players each will compete in creating a Lego Mindstorms robot in a manner similar to Junkyard Wars. The challenge will be revealed at the start and teams will have slightly less than 3 hours to build and program their robots. (This session will start on time!) If you want to participate in this, start looking for prospective teammates any time during the conference, or just show up early and find a few fellow masters of robotic brilliance.

Microfig Scale Presentation and Building: - NEW
A tips and tricks session for fans of really small models;cross-genre; plus hands-on building.

Introduction to 3D LEGO-style Modeling with LDraw Tools:
Session for new users and people unfamiliar with the LDraw system. This will include an introduciton to the parts library, file format, second generation editors such as MLCad and LeoCAD, and Mac and Linux support.

Advanced LDraw Tools: Renderers and Advanced Modeling Tools:
Discussion of rendering tools such as POV-Ray, L3P and L2P converters, and advanced modeling tools such as Hose Generator and Bezier Curve Generator.

LDraw Community Roundtable Discussion:
Sit and chat with some of the LDraw organizers about the community and brainstorm ideas for the future of the LDraw system.

Train Building Techniques:
Very briefly we'll review the "standard" construction techniques. Some SNOT
design reviews. Motif and striping techniques - decals and color tape.
Examine steam engines: driver wheel alternatives, piston rod linkages, and
articulation techniques. Animated trains - Shay, snow blowers,...

Integrating LEGO Mindstorms With Your Train Layout:
Spinning eye-candy, animated scenes, user interactivity, train control,
signals and crossing gates, custom sensors for trains, motor pulsing.

Anatomy of a LEGO Train Show - from layout design to tear down:
Discussion of layout concepts, module sizes, legs, layout aesthetics, crowd
control, mainline vs. local loops, switching live, audience participation,
play areas, static display areas.

Mecha Roundtable and Workshop: -
Expect roundtable discussions of building techniques, tips and tricks, source material and special unveilings, plus a building session featuring hands on, step-by-step MOC creation.

LEGODirect JunkBot Tournament:
A single-elimination tournament of JunkBot. Get your practice at , then come compete for prizes during BricksWest. Though tournament specifics are yet to be determined, we are currently working on a three-score set up, probably as follows: Round one-One random level in the least amount of time, Round two-One random level in the least number of moves (or play continues until all players but one are beaten), Round three-One building in the least amount of time/least number of moves.

Swap Meet And K8 Trading:
A chance to trade and sell parts, sets or collections, as well as trade in your unwanted parts via K8 trades.

Upperdeck Bionicle Card Game Tournament:
Upperdeck Entertainment is sponsoring and running our Bionicle Card Game Tournament during BricksWest. Bring your winning deck, or borrow one of theirs, and learn how to play this great game. Tournament specifics are yet to come, but expect single-elimination, and great Bionicle prizes from Upperdeck!

Evil Stevie's Pirate Game:
Steve Jackson will be running his famous and popular Pirate Game during BricksWest. Bring your fleet, or borrow a boat, but get involved in this massive floor based minatures battle game. Bone up on the rules at .

BricksWest Animation Festival And Competition Premiere Screening:
Come view the official entries to the competition, then vote on your favorite. See the Animation Festival link above for further information.

BricksWest Charity Auction To Benifit BrickAid:
We will be auctioning off LEGO sets, event goodies, and one-of-a-kind displays and artwork, all to benefit BrickAid.

BricksWest Closing Ceremony And Awards:
Our final event is for the giving away of prizes for various contests, and a final get-together to see the faces of BricksWest and to say goodbye...until BricksWest 2003!

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